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Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages with a specific scope on their subject of interest or expertise. The page is called a lens and the user is referred to as the lensmaster.

There is a wide variety of content that you can use to pimp up your lens which are termed as modules. This includes amazon, ebay, cafepress and zazzle for the profit earning modules. For lens interactivity there is youtube and guestbooks.

Squidoo’s tagline is “everyone is an expert on something”. With that said, when it comes to building lenses no topic is off limits. Although it is encouraged for your lenses to be related since it makes you more of an expert on your chosen niche.

Squidoo lenses offer a huge advantage in SEO. That is why we use it in promoting our site Receptionist.org. With it we can build backlinks for keywords we want to achieve for. Here are some tips in optimizing your lens:

* Choose the right lens title, URL extension, module titles and subtitles. Make sure to include your targetted keyword phrase because search engines see them as headings when they index your lens.

* Name the images with your top keyword and use the alt tag in your html code.

* Use your site to host your image since it could be indexed by google images.

* Get quality backlinks from sites that is indexed by search engines and has the same niche as yours.

* Use the Google Blog Search module. It has live links that search engines can read.

It basically has the same structure with Hubpages with a few notable differences:

* Squidoo allows unlimited marketing. Hubpages is strict with the number of links and how your site is promoted.

* Squidoo has better aesthetics and has a wider array of modules to spice up your lens. Hubpages has a few capsules but not the library that squidoo has.

* Squidoo allows adult content.

* Squidoo has a more active forum.

* Squidoo allows you to donate to charity.

* Hubpages has nofollow links in a below 50 hubscore and below 75 hubberscore. With Squidoo it’s dofollow from the get-go.

* Hubpages has a 60/40 split of the money making revenues. With Squidoo it’s 50/50.

* Hubpages has unlimited uses of tags, Squidoo is limited to 40.

* Hubscore is updated every 10 minutes. Lensrank updates only once a day.

The main problem that I encountered with Squidoo is the site often goes offline for a number of days. That was way back when I first started. Seems they have corrected this problem. Another minor nuisance is when your lens goes back to “work in progress” status after publishing it. So you have to re-publish your lens again for it to go live and correct this problem.

All in all I would recommend Squidoo for bloggers, affiliate marketers, hobbyists and search engine optimizers. It’s a great platform to promote your product in the virtual marketplace.


Since the dawn of ancient times man has searched for the fountain of youth. Referred to as a legendary spring that is suppose to restore youth of anyone who drinks from it. During the ancient times Herodotus mentions a fountain that is responsible for the Ethiopians exceptional life span. Its legend grew and has been mentioned from the exploits of Alexander the great to the gospel of John in the bible. Although widely popularized by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon and several Hollywood films.

We can’t deny that it is in man’s inherent desire to preserve its youth and beauty. This obsession gave birth to plastic surgery. Most common of which are the cosmetic procedures which adheres more towards the aesthetic improvement.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that none of us are born happy in our own skin. We all have insecurities that is eating us alive. It’s either too big this or too small that! We all whine about our own little imperfections. Shallow as it may seem but quite true.

Society dictates the perfect standards thru over exposure of the media on Hollywood celebrities. They make us typical humans feel lowly life forms compared to their perfectly chiseled features. This in turn makes the plastic surgery industry a billion dollar empire.

A friend told me that liposuction is the top ranking surgical procedure among men. Yes you heard me right, men! Men who are supposed to be carefree and non-critical about their looks. Those days are gone! We have finally evolved to civilized and presentable primates.

What about women you ask? Well take a wild guess. If you said breast enlargement then you’re right on the money. It’s a no brainer, women are as critical to their breasts as men is to their penis. Always conscious with the size and contrary to popular belief, size does matter.

If there is in fact a final judgment as the bible says, I’ll bet that half of the world’s population will be subject to eternal damnation. Charged with multiple counts of vanity.



I’m relatively new in using this website. I’m currently having problems navigating the page. If you’re reading this and you’re a “wordpress” geek, probably by now you’re thinking “oh what a noob, it’s freakin’ easy”… bla bla bla… SHUT UP GEEK! Good thing though is that the person sitting next to me happens to have a degree in Computer Science. So if you’re a graduate of that course… good for you, you can breeze through wordpress with ease.

I wanna talk about CSS and whatever that is. Honestly I don’t have a clue other than it stands for Cascading Style Sheets. I researched on it awhile ago and i just got lost on the damn codes. The language is just alien to me, it’s my own little twilight zone. On the other hand though, it peaked my interest. I asked myself, what CAN’T you do with this thing? It’s like you can do virtually everything with CSS. It’s cool how you can tweak and edit your profile, the texts, formats and almost anything else thus making it presentable in a sense. I did browse on some disadvantages but those I can live with.

So if this doesn’t look that presentable, now you know. But hey, i’ll get better in time.

Oh by the way, I apologize for using the word geek, I’m just bitter. If ya’ll know how to indent the first sentence of the paragraph hit me up with a comment. Peace and positivity to all wordpress aficionados.


“People who enjoy what they are doing invariably do it well.”

– Joe Gibbs

It’s only been 3 days since I started working at Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc. I must say, the best part about this office are the people in it. Being new would mean you have to adjust to different people with different kinds of personalities. This is NOT the case in this particular office. It really lives up to its claim about their people being their best asset. The people here are some of the nicest people i ever knew, and on top of that very harworking and dedicated to their tasks and responsibilities. Clients of this company are surely satisfied with the service that they are getting from these guys for they are getting their money’s worth and more.


murderous stare

A picture says a thousand words so they say. Now how come no one has come up with a nickname for UFC light heavyweight fighter Thiago Silva? I mean come on… this is one scary looking dude. Everytime I’m about to see him fight I unconsciously anticipate for Bruce Buffer to announce a nickname for the man. Hasn’t his camp come up with something yet?! C’mon you guys, think of something smart, come up with an adjective quick! Oh by the way… make it scary, as in “I pee’d my pants scary”. If anyone shares my sentiment about this matter, feel free to post a nickname for Silva as well.