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In CSS limbo


I’m relatively new in using this website. I’m currently having problems navigating the page. If you’re reading this and you’re a “wordpress” geek, probably by now you’re thinking “oh what a noob, it’s freakin’ easy”… bla bla bla… SHUT UP GEEK! Good thing though is that the person sitting next to me happens to have a degree in Computer Science. So if you’re a graduate of that course… good for you, you can breeze through wordpress with ease.

I wanna talk about CSS and whatever that is. Honestly I don’t have a clue other than it stands for Cascading Style Sheets. I researched on it awhile ago and i just got lost on the damn codes. The language is just alien to me, it’s my own little twilight zone. On the other hand though, it peaked my interest. I asked myself, what CAN’T you do with this thing? It’s like you can do virtually everything with CSS. It’s cool how you can tweak and edit your profile, the texts, formats and almost anything else thus making it presentable in a sense. I did browse on some disadvantages but those I can live with.

So if this doesn’t look that presentable, now you know. But hey, i’ll get better in time.

Oh by the way, I apologize for using the word geek, I’m just bitter. If ya’ll know how to indent the first sentence of the paragraph hit me up with a comment. Peace and positivity to all wordpress aficionados.


One Response to “In CSS limbo”

  1. hahahaha!! i was smiling 5 minutes more after reading this post..

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